BA Hons final year Fashion Design student of Bath Spa University 2019.

Morgan’s graduate collection is inspired by the notion that there is too much waste in the world. We live in a time where its easy to create new looks, the modern phenomenon of instant retail gratification comes with a dark side, it has led to increased waste from the fashion industry. 

She believes as fashion designers it’s our duty to think about the world we live in and create beautiful clothing that is less harmful to the environment. 

Morgan’s Final year collection entitled ‘THROW AWAY WORLD’ was created using re-purposed throw away fabrics. She collected damaged tables cloths that were going to be thrown away and combined them with raggedy second hand curtains and bed sheets which she then turned into beautiful pieces by using fabrics manipulation techniques and transfer prints. 

This collection is a statement piece that  addresses climate change, Its important that we think about the implications of our actions on the world. Morgan has used print to show this message through her garments by collecting different newspaper articles on climate change and the fashion industry, which she then combined to create a print. Morgan then explored the idea of her own hand writing over the top of the newspaper with a sarcastic message. The subtle sarcasm brings out her personality through the clothing. It also shows a less serious approach to fashion, because fashion should be fun and exciting.